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Recife Pernambuco

The Boat

The Hostel

A hostel for people like you: pratical, independent, conected and ludic.

Welcome! An amazing cultural diversity... Tropical beaches... Friendly people... In Recife it’s summer all year long! In this mix of culture, cosmopolitan city and nature you will find Piratas da Praia Hostel. We are located just 50m from Boa Viagem beach. Around the hostel, it’s possible to find banks, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, night clubs, exchange agencies, shopping centers, fitness social clubs, consulates, embassies and hotels where happen most of congresses and conventions! A great place to spend holidays or vacations!     

Places to connect: our areas are designed to guarantee the interaction between people. Shared kitchen, TV room, Cubo Mágico, mini library for book exchange and computers with internet access. If there is a verb that we are expert in, this verb is: to share. Exploring our facility, you will find an art gallery with many unique pieces.   

Providing experiences and creating unforgettable moments: we have many partnerships with tourism agencies. Here you will be able to book beach day trips, city tours, shipwrecks diving, hiking trails, skydive, Pub Crawl and a lot more!      

Solidary economy, sustainability and creative tourism: We bring to our daily act aspects of solidary economy, sustainability and creative tourism. Join us!    

Hugs from Recife! 


All rooms have large windows with natural light, ceiling fans and air conditioners connected between 9 pm and 9 am, following standards suggested by environmentalists.

For your safety we offer lockers with key for every guest. The doors of the lockers also have the possibility to be locked with your own padlock.

All our beds have sheets (100% cotton), soft pillows and handmade bedspreads. Mattresses are equipped with anti-allergy-covers made of 100% cotton. Beds are equipped with a personal electric-outlet and an individual LED reading lamp.

Every room has Wi-Fi.

Right next to every bedroom you will find a bathroom. Our rooms are cleaned daily by our Pirate-Hosts.


- 150 feet from the best part of Boa Viagem beach.
- Quick and easy access by bus to main turistical spots in the city: Recife Antigo (historical downtown), Olinda and Porto de Galinhas.
- Supermarket in the same building.
- In a 150 feet radius: taxi stand, bus stop, supermarkets.
- In a 300 feet radius: supermarkets (24/7), bakeries, drugstores (24/7), post office, banks, police station (24/7), McDonald’s.


In the low tide hours, take a delightful bath in the natural pools of warm water in Boa Viagem beach, and drink some coconut water or a “caipirinha”. When you decide to go back home to rest a while, your bed is only 150 feet from the beach! Some people may call this “lifestyle”.


Enjoy the end of the afternoon in a special way. We offer a tea time with crackers, coffee, teas and cakes toe soothe the day and say welcome to the night. Enjoy it!


When we feel the mood, we use to organize a delightful luau (a Hawaiian-inspired fest on the beach) with our guests. The sea breeze, the moon, good music and typical Brazilian drinks such as “caipirinha” or “pitu-cola”… makes the fun guaranteed!


All of the living rooms of the hostel are permeated by the exhibition “Pelas Ruas que Andei… Arte nas paredes” [“The Streets I Have Walked… Art on the Walls”]. It is a permanent, mutant and creative art exhibition, an ingenious bricolage of vintage objects, artworks and musical instruments. The collection is curated by the artist Paulo Mello, in permanent collaboration with our Pirates-Hosts and our guests.


Cine Popcorn São Luis Inspired by the charming "Cine São Luiz", opened in 1952, our TV and video room translates the hostel warmth. We have cable TV, a variety of original DVDs and a special popcorn. Choose your movie! (We accept donations of original DVDs).


To those guests who did something very special to the hostel, transforming it in a better way, we conceive the honor to leave a mark of their feet on our ceiling, at our hall of fame “Trilhos do Mundo” [World Tracks]. Be yourself the next one!


Our Pirates-Hosts are students. Here we care a lot about culture, arts, study and personal initiatives, always looking for a plural development. Piratas da Praia is a bridge among living the reality of today and dreaming about the tomorrow. We are working now for the aim to become a school-hostel. The collective experiences lived here becomes individual references and learnings for each Pirate-Host’s life.



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