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Recife Pernambuco

Hostel Services


Piratas da Praia Hostel CoWorking supports all kinds of colaborative actions. Here you will find a CoWorking space where you will be able to work or study during your stay in Recife. The CoWo is free for Guest-Pirates. It's perfect for students, teachers, professors and digital nomads. 


- Linen (sheets 100% cotton), blanket and pillow.
- Mattresses equipped with anti-allergy-covers made of 100% cotton.
- Beds equipped with a personal electric-outlet and an individual LED reading lamp.
- Beauty salon, equipped with hair straightener, hair dryer and brushes.
- Wide collection of games... Dominoes, Uno, Truco, Cards, Poker, Monopoly, War, Checkers and Chess, Tipp Kicker (button soccer) and others.
- Extra-lockers, electrical adapters and towels (optional).
- Loan from the reception: footballs, volleyballs, racquetballs, umbrellas, skinboards, ecobags and more.
- Laundry service for clothes and sneakers.
- Lots of option for home delivery food (24/7)


- Perfect location 150 feet from the beach
- Bus stops at the corner of the hostel
- Fast access to the airport (12 minutes)
- Taxi services (24/7) without any additional fees.
- Information about the city, maps and suggestions.
- Tours to the main sights of the city and beaches through a trustworthy partner agency
- Reservations at other befriended hostels.
- Reservation of bus fares intercity and interstate (booking and delivery).


- High speed internet access (optical fiber, dedicated line - 20 MB)
- Check-in online.
- WiFi in all common areas and rooms of the hostel 24/7.


- Reception works 24/7. Our check-in follows international safety standards
- At check-in an original ID with photo has to be provided.
- Security cameras 24/7.
- Free parking 24/7 monitored by the doorman or the nightguard.
- 24/7 access for guests (no curfew / no lockout).
- Access only for guests, staff and authorized personnel.


- Lounge music in all common areas.
- All rooms are equipped with bunk beds and have room for either 2, 4, 6, 7 or 8 persons, MIXED or FEMALE only with shared bathrooms next to the rooms.
- Lockers with key for each guest. The doors of the lockers also have the possibility to be locked with your own personal padlock.
- Air conditioning in all rooms (connected between 9 pm to 9 am following standards suggested by environmentalists) and ceiling fans (always available for 24h).
- We have a water cooler with a double filter.
- Eletric iron and ironing board for free.
- LED TV with cable and original DVDs of movies, concerts and documentaries.
- Bathrooms combined with the rooms (next to the rooms a unit is available with shower, huge mirrors and glassbox).
- Hot shower (24h) and hairdryer in central bathrooms.
- Fully equipped kitchen with microwave, sandwich maker, blender, stove, refrigerator, utensils, etc… We offer transparent plastic bags so you can store and label your food in the fridge.
- A small gift shop with handcraft products, accessories and drinks
- Art on the walls. Gallery "Pelas ruas que andei" permanent exhibition, mutant and creative.
- English spoken | Hablamos español | Falamos português.