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Otto responds:
+ If my flight arrives at night, do I have to pay the rate of the day before midnight?

Yes. Example: Your flight arrives during nighttime from the 9th to the 10th. Officially the day 10th starts at midnight. If somebody else would check-in at day 9th he would be staying in this bed until midday of the 10th meaning that the bed is occupied from the 9th to the 10th leaving no vacancy for you. So to make sure that no other guest is staying in the bed reserved for you your rate starts at day 9th even if you officially arrive after midnight and day 10th has already begun.

+ Do the rooms have air-conditioned?

Yes. Every room has air-conditioners that are turned on from 9 pm to 9 am, following ecological standards suggested by environmentalists. All rooms are also equipped with ceiling fans which can be optionally used by the guests.

+ Do you offer a transfer from the airport?

As we are located only 5 km from the airport, it is more economic for you to get here by bus or taxi. The bus takes around 25 to 30 minutes. If you prefer to take a taxi, it will take around 10 to 15 minutes to get here. We suggest you to use the taxis waiting in front of the A-5 exit in the airport. Those are the cheaper ones. For more details, please click here.

+ Do you accept credit cards?

At the moment we do not accept credit or debit cards neither paper checks. Only cash!

+ How the payment of reservations works?

We ask for a deposit of 50% of the total rate in order to guarantee your vacancy. The rest has to be paid in cash at check-in. In case you intend to stay for only one day, we ask for 100%. Deposits can also be made through paypal.

+ Do you offer towels or do I have to bring mine?

Towels are not included in the rates. But you can rent towels at our reception. The towels are rented per unit.

+ Are the sheets included in the rate?

Yes. All our beds are equipped with 100% cotton sheets, soft pillows and handmade bedspreads. All mattresses are covered with anti-allergy-covers made from 100% cotton.

+ Do you offer day-trips? And if so, where-to?

Yes. We offer various day-trips to beaches such as: Porto de Galinhas, Carneiros, Gaibu/Calhetas, Igarassu/Itamaracá, Maragogi. Cultural tours: Tour Brennand; City tour Recife; Olinda; Paixão de Cristo; Caruaru; João Pessoa; Fernando de Noronha. You can reserve the day-trips at our reception. Check more information about our day-trips clicking here.

+ Is it possible to leave my luggage in the hostel after check-out time, until the departure of my flight?

Yes. You can put your luggage in our luggage storage. Check availability and fees of this service at reception. If you also want to stay yourself in the hostel we kindly ask you to make use of our day-use service (see below).

+ What is day-use?

Day-use means that the guest can stay in the common areas of the hostel after check-out, which has to be realised until noon (12pm). Please liberate your bed and locker until noon and inform reception about your wish to stay in the hostel until 6pm. Included in the day-use are: luggage storage, use of the common areas, kitchen, shared bathrooms, the cyber-café and wifi. Please check availability of the day-use at reception.

+ Can I check-out a little later?

The check-out has to be completed until noon (12 am), instead another daily rate will be charged to you. But in case you want to stay a little longer in the hostel you can use our day-use service (see below).

+ How much is a half-rate?

We do not offer half-rates. But instead you can use our day-use service (see below).

+ Is it possible to check-in before midday?

Yes. You can do the check-in procedure 2 or 3 hours before 14h even if your bed or room may only be available from 14h on. In the meantime you can put your luggage in our luggage storage (subject to availability) and use our common areas. Of course, should your bed or room already be available before check-in time, you can enter already with no additional cost.