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Recife Pernambuco

Your perfect work day

Create your life’s work surrounded by awesome people

Choose Your Workspace

If you have a meeting or need a quiet place to focus, you can work from our CoWorking Office, with desks, flip chart, and a cozy feeling with natural lights during the day. Work with people from all over the planet in a really diverse environment. Pick a hammock and enjoy a banana smoothie while studying or take your shoes off and crash in a puff with a mug of hot coffee if you prefer.


Great location

150 feet from the sea. Placed in a central and commercial area with a supermarket in the same building. Quick and easy access by bus and car. Parking available.


High Speed WiFi

We have a dedicated optical fiber line (20 MB) with multiple WiFi routers across the place provinding you with a high speed internet conection.


Plugs Everywhere

We have plugs everywhere, so you can charge your laptop and smartphone from wherever you are sitting. We also offer adapters and extension cords if you need

  • CoWorking Experience
  • R$ 10.00
    first hour
    per hour/per person
    following hours: R$5,00
  • 20 MB dedicated line
    WiFi in all common areas
    Reception & Concierge 24h
  • Security system of check-in/out with access bracelet.
    2h at least.
  • PirateNap Experience
  • R$ 20.00
    per hour/per person
    Maximum of 3hs
  • Shared room
    Individual lockers
    Ceiling fan
  • It"s necessary to hire a 2h CoWorking.
    Shared bathroom.
  • Quick Shower
  • R$ 10.00
    per person
  • One towel included
  • It"s necessary to hire a 2hs CoWorking.
    Shared bathroom.
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All this in a playful, inspiring and creative environment that allow you to get in touch with people from all over the world.
Perfect location with bus stop at the corner, next by a supermarket and 50m from the beach.

Day shift: 8hs until 20hs.
Night shift (minimum package of 8 hours): 8hs until 20hs. 


- Access to the CoWorking common areas.
- Access to fast Internet (20 MB dedicated link).
- WiFi in every common areas and rooms.
- Shared kitchen | Demands minimum of 4 hours of CoWorking.   
- Parking.   
- Reception and Concierge 24h.   
- Security system of check-in/out with access bracelet.
- TV room.     
- Coffee. 
- Tea.
- Water.
- Tea time. 
- Book exchange.


- Accommodation | Ask for promotional rates.
- Locker rental | R$4.00 per hour/per locker 
- Copy and printing | 
Check prices at front desk.
- Document scan | 
Check prices at front desk.
- Drinks from minibar | Check prices at front desk.
- Shower (1 towel included) | R$10,00 + 2 hours of CoWorking.    

PIRATE NAP | Maximum package of 3 hours.

In a shared room | R$20.00 + 2 hours of CoWorking.
 - In a private room | 
Check prices at front desk.


- During the night shift it is only possible to hire a minimum 8 hours package. 
- 1 towel included for the shower. 
- To hire a Pirate Nap you must have at least 2 hours of CoWorking hired on the same day. 
- We ask for a R$50,00 deposit every check-in. 
- Balance due must be paid at check-out. 
- We only take BRL cash // We do not take credit or debit card. 
- Check availability for services above. 
- Rates might change without announcement. 
- We do not work with fractioned hours.

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